Youths openly burst colored bombs on the flyover in Delhi, police arrested 5 youths – Bollywood Keeda

In Delhi’s Vikaspuri area, some youth are creating nuisance by riding in a car on the flyover. These youths were involved in zig zag driving on the flyover, bursting colorful bombs and other illegal activities. These 5 youths have been arrested by the police.

These youth burst colorful bombs on the road and drove in a zig-zag manner. Section 144 of CrPC is applicable in Delhi. A case has been registered against these people under sections 279 and 188 of IPC. The criminals and their vehicles have been identified. These youth have a grip on Tilak Nagar. DCP West Vichitra Veer gave this information.

According to the police officer, the police have registered a case against the accused under sections 279 and 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Along with this, the police have identified the criminals and their vehicles and arrested them from Tilak Nagar. He further said that this incident had come to light at a time when Section 144 was in force in entire Delhi.

During the investigation, the police were asked to identify the youth on the basis of video footage given by a complainant. DCP said, “With the help of CCTV footage we identified the accused youth. The police team arrested five people along with five vehicles from Tilak Nagar. Investigation is still going on in this matter.

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