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World’s Fastest Internet: China launches world’s fastest internet, 150 movies will be transmitted in 1 second – Bollywood Keeda

Chinese companies recently made an unprecedented achievement in internet technology and launched the ‘world’s fastest internet’ network. With a staggering speed of 1.2 terabits per second, this network is ten times faster than most major Internet routes currently in use. China’s Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technologies and Cernet Corporation are involved in this project.

This high speed internet network is spread over 3,000 Km

According to the report, this high-speed internet network of China is spread over 3,000 km area of ​​China and it connects Beijing, Wuhan and Guangzhou through optical fiber cabling system. Let us tell you, this network of China has become the fastest internet providing network in the world. Most of the world’s Internet backbone networks operate at only 100 gigabits per second. Even the United States has recently switched to its fifth generation Internet-2 of 400 gigabits per second.

The Beijing-Wuhan-Guangzhou connection is part of China’s Future Internet Technology Infrastructure, a decade-long initiative and the latest development of the China National Education and Research Network (CERNET). This network was activated in July and was officially launched last Monday. This Chinese network has passed all the tests and has performed reliably. This means that no problem has been found in this internet connection.

Where is service available?

Talking about data transmission, it covers three parts of China. This internet connectivity covers Beijing in the North, Wuhan in Central China and Guangzhou in the South. Data can be transferred between these three points at a speed of 1.2Tb per second. The fastest internet launched recently worked at a speed of 400GB per second.

Talking about the current speed, the speed of 100 Gbps is available on the Internet backbone network used worldwide. Talking about Huawei VP Wong Lee, 150 HD movies can be transferred on this internet service in just one second.


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