Will restore the old recruitment process by ending Agneepath: Congress – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi, Congress has termed the Agneepath scheme as injustice to the youth and has promised to cancel it if it comes to power. The party says that if it comes to power at the Centre, it will cancel the Agneepath scheme and restore the old recruitment process.

Party President Mallikarjun Kharge has written a letter to President Draupadi Murmu urging him to include in the Army about two lakh youth who have not been recruited despite being selected in the regular recruitment.

Attacking the central government from all sides regarding the Agniveer scheme, the Congress termed the scheme as injustice to the youth. The party has demanded immediate withdrawal of this scheme and has requested to give appointment letters to about two lakh youth who have passed the army recruitment examination. Many leaders including party president Mallikarjun Kharge, former president Rahul Gandhi, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, while being a part of the campaign against Agniveer Yojana, said that Congress stands with them.

Describing this campaign as a war of justice against injustice, the party has also issued a number for the youth to join this campaign. Youth can join the campaign by giving a missed call on this. Meanwhile, senior leader Sachin Pilot at the Congress headquarters said that the government has crores of rupees for the Prime Minister’s aeroplane, Central Vista project and his publicity but is playing with the recruitment process of the Army just to save money. At the same time, Deependra Hooda said that if Congress comes to power, it will restore the old recruitment process.

The issue is about the future of two lakh youth. In his letter to the President as the highest officer of the Indian Armed Forces, Kharge said, this issue is about the future of about two lakh youth. Their future has become bleak because of the Centre’s decision. While sharing this letter, Rahul Gandhi wrote on X, We are with him in the fight for justice for the patriotic military candidates.

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