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Why is the bell rung before entering the temple? Know its religious and scientific importance… – Bollywood Keeda

Benefits of ringing the bell in the temple: In Hindu religion, there are many such things during the worship, without which the worship is considered incomplete. In such a situation, the bell is also necessarily rung during the puja. A bell is installed at the main entrance of the temple, whereas a small bell is used in the home temple.

As pleasant as the sound of the bell sounds, it also has equal religious significance. In such a situation, let us know what is the importance of bell during puja.

That’s why the bell is rung

The bell is rung while entering the temple. According to religious beliefs (Benefits of ringing the bell in the temple), ringing the bell while entering the temple awakens the consciousness of the Gods and Goddesses and increases their attraction towards their devotees. Along with this, the sound of the bell transmits a positive energy in the environment and this destroys the negativity present around. Due to which the environment remains pure and peaceful. Besides, the sound of the bell is also very pleasant.

The body gets these benefits

Ringing the bell not only has religious importance, but it also proves to be beneficial from the physical point of view. The sound produced by ringing the bell activates the seven chakras of a person’s body. Besides, the mind also experiences peace due to the sound of the bell. Also, this sound works to remove all the negative thoughts and evils inside the body.

bell ringing rules

While ringing the bell, keep in mind that the bell should never be rung loudly. Along with this, the bell should not be rung continuously. Ring the bell only 2-3 times. You must have seen many people ringing the bell while coming out of the temple. But doing so was not considered right at all.


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