When the wife went to her maternal home, the husband married her for the second time, after finding out, the wife returned with the child, started insisting on living together, then the husband killed the son and wife – Bollywood Keeda

Crime News. A young man cheated on his wife after a love marriage in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After a fight, he went to her parents’ house and got married for the second time. After coming to know about this, the wife came back with the son. She started insisting on staying with him. The young man made a plan to remove both of them from the way. Took it by bike. The bodies were murdered and thrown in Fatehpur Sikri. The police caught the accused. The woman’s body was recovered. The son’s body is being searched.

Deceased Munni’s uncle Mohd. Shafiq told that accused Omendra changed his name in his Aadhar card and married our niece Munni. Everyone knew his name was Aashiq. Later it was revealed that he was Omendra. Now, when there was a minor quarrel, he was killed. His child has not been found yet.

According to the information, Munni, a resident of Kishanganj, Bihar, used to work as a laborer in the brick market located in Bodla. Three years ago, Arsena got acquainted with Omendra alias Aashiq of Sikandra. Both of them got married for love. After marriage, fights started between the two. The dispute increased so much that a year ago Munni Devi went to her maternal home. There her son Tanveer was born. Was living there since then.

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On the other hand, after Munni’s departure, Omendra got married for the second time. Munni also became aware of this. She left the house two days ago saying she was going to her in-laws’ house. Got off the train at Tundla. After this he lost contact with his family members. His sister Sameeran from Delhi called the police on Monday night. Told that sister Munni had left for her in-laws’ house on Sunday. There is no contact with him after getting down at Tundla station on Monday. Mobiles are going off.

Inspector Neeraj Sharma, in-charge of Sikandra police station, said that the police reached Omendra’s house. He got it. He was brought to the police station and interrogated. At first he was not ready to tell the truth. Told the truth after being strictly interrogated by the police. Omendra told that after Munni’s departure he had got married for the second time. He did not know that Munni would return. He came to know. She was continuously calling and asking to come to the village. He was troubled by this. He had already married for the second time.

He reached the station with a bike. The wife started quarreling on the way. She said that she would stay with him in the village. He was taking her to Bharatpur by somehow convincing her. Thought that he would get a room on rent. Son fell from the bike at Fatehpur Sikri. He died. After the death of her son, Munni started creating ruckus. He got angry on this. She strangled Munni with her dupatta. After this, the bodies of both were thrown in the FH canal. He came back home. The police recovered the body of the woman on his information. But, the son’s body has not been found.

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