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WhatsApp’s new feature rolled out: Now no one will be able to commit fraud even if they want to, know the process – Bollywood Keeda

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app and its popularity is not hidden from anyone. Many companies take advantage of this app for marketing promotion and many cyber criminals also take advantage of it. In such a situation, sometimes even opening this message can prove difficult. Many times users get troubled by unnecessary notifications. Today we are going to tell you about a special trick, with the help of which you can block spam messages on the lock screen.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature, with the help of which users can block the sender of spam messages without opening WhatsApp. There was a demand for this feature for a long time and now this feature has been rolled out. If you have not got this feature, then update your WhatsApp.

Spam messages will be banned

WhatsApp’s objective behind implementing this feature is to provide a great messaging experience to its users as well as to increase their privacy and security. This new feature of WhatsApp enables users to identify and block spam messages without unlocking their device or navigating through the app. When a notification about a spam message appears on the lock screen, users can long-press on the notification to see multiple options, including the option to immediately block the sender. Apart from this, WhatsApp also gives the option to report for that sender.

With the help of WhatsApp’s new feature, you will be able to send cross-platform messages.

Apart from this, cross-platform messaging support will also be provided by WhatsApp in the coming days. That means you will be able to contact each other with the help of any app. This means that you do not have to resort to WhatsApp to contact. Usually earlier it used to be that to send a message, both the users had to come to one platform.

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