WhatsApp is bringing a big security feature for profile picture, now no one will be able to take a screenshot of your DP! – Bollywood Keeda

Tech Desk. There is no way to download the display picture (DP) or profile picture of another user on WhatsApp. That’s why many people take screenshots of other people’s profile pictures. But WhatsApp can spoil your wishes. In the coming days, it will not be possible to take a screenshot of another user’s profile picture on WhatsApp. Meta company is soon going to bring screenshot blocking profile photo feature in the app. In this feature the user will be able to block his profile picture.

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has included the feature of stopping screenshot of profile picture in the beta version. This feature will be available for Android users now. After the introduction of the new feature, whenever you try to take a screenshot of a user’s profile photo, the screen will turn black and a message will also appear that the screenshot cannot be taken due to app restrictions.

Through this feature, WhatsApp is preventing such users from capturing the profile picture who have not taken your permission, or who want to unofficially take a screenshot of a user’s profile picture and share it. Access to this feature has just been given to a select group of beta testers. Soon it will be available for all users.

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