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Companies around the world are focused on AI. Many companies including Google, Microsoft, OpenAI are preparing their own AI and ML models, which can bring a revolution in the digital space. Along with this quality, there are some negative aspects of AI, which cannot be ignored. Due to this, a lot of misinformation can also spread.

Meta recently partnered with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to combat fake news. For this, it will launch a dedicated fact checking helpline on WhatsApp. This can prove helpful in preventing Deepfake and AI-generated misinformation. Let us tell you that Aajtak also fact checks.

WhatsApp’s new helpline will be launched in March

According to MCA, the new helpline of WhatsApp will be launched for the people in March. WhatsApp’s fact check service will expose misinformation in AI generated media. Often cyber criminals misuse the photos of celebrities and make fake videos of them, which is called Deepfake. Due to this the image of the celebrity gets completely spoiled. Such wrong information can also be stopped by using fact check service.

20 companies made a plan together

Let us tell you that to save people from the threat of deepfake videos, Meta has worked with 20 big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon and has now decided to release a WhatsApp helpline number in India. Through this helpline number, users will be able to easily report any fake video through their WhatsApp account.

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