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WhatsApp Big Update: 5 amazing features coming in WhatsApp, you will be able to login without mobile number – Bollywood Keeda

There is good news for millions of users of WhatsApp around the world because today we are going to tell you about its 5 special features, which are going to knock soon. In this, the option of email verification will be available, after which users will not need the OTP received on the phone number. Apart from this, there will be a calendar option in the search and also the feature of multi account login. Let us know about the five features in details.

Information about these features has already been shared by WAbetainfo, a website that tracks the upcoming features of WhatsApp. Not only this, it has also been explained how these upcoming features will work. Let us know about these features one by one.

Two WhatsApp will run on one phone

If you have dual SIM in your smartphone and want to run WhatsApp on both the SIMs then earlier you used to do this by using clone app. Now the company is bringing a new feature, after which two WhatsApp account numbers can be used in the same app. Meta has given this information in its blog post.

WhatsApp will work without phone number

After the introduction of email login option, these questions might be arising in your mind whether now the mobile number based login option will end. it’s not like that at all. The option of mobile number based login will not end. The company is giving another option of WhatsApp login to its users. It is worth noting that ever since WhatsApp arrived, users have only one option to login with their mobile number. In such a situation, if the users do not want to login through mobile number, then they can login through email.

You will be able to do verification through e-mail

Actually, WhatsApp has started the facility of e-mail verification. In such a situation, if there is no battery or network in your mobile, then during that time you will be able to login to WhatsApp through your e-mail verification. In August this year, e-mail based user verification system feature was started by WhatsApp.

There will be calendar option in search

A new feature is being launched soon in the WhatsApp platform. Under this feature, users will see a calendar-like display while searching. With this, users will be able to search their old files easily. Users can select selected dates and then search them. This feature has been included in beta version V2.2348.50.

Option of alternative profile will be available

A new feature regarding privacy is going to be introduced in WhatsApp soon. The name of this feature is Alternate Profile Privacy Feature. In such a situation, you will be able to share alternative profiles with those people who do not have your number saved. Name, photo and other details can be changed in the alternative profile.

You can share photos in original quality

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to send their videos, photos, and documents in original quality. This information has also been shared by WAbetainfo.


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