What is this Alt…Click Here? Know the full story of this trend viral on X… – Bollywood Keeda

X Viral Click Here Trend: Thousands of people are taking part in the ‘Click here’ trend on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Meanwhile, many users also appeared confused about this trend.

A message comes on clicking

A picture is visible in the post on There is an arrow mark with it. On clicking on the post, a small ‘ALT’ is written near the photo on the bottom left. As soon as a user clicks on ‘ALT’, he sees a message. This is a message that appears when you click on the word ‘ALT’. If you do not click on ‘ALT’ then you will only see the picture but will not be able to see the message hidden in it. Since the beginning of the ‘Click here’ trend, not only common people but also big political parties, sports clubs, football teams and film stars are taking part in it.

Description will be found in ALT

Below the arrow mark from Click Here, a small ALT is written. When we clicked on this small ALT, its description box opens. In this description box, users can write a message of up to 1000 characters. The company has already released this feature on Twitter.

Know what is special in the feature

Through this post, Delhi Police has given a special message to protect the general public from online scams and frauds. When you click on the alt text, a message will appear which reads, ‘If you click on an unknown link, you may get scammed.’ This post shared on March 31 is being viewed and shared a lot. For your information, let us tell you that this feature came in the year 2016 on X, which was called ‘Twitter’. Let us tell you that, it gives information about the picture through text to speech and Braille language.

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