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What did CM Arvind Kejriwal say in response to the summons from ED… – Bollywood Keeda

Even after receiving summons from the Enforcement Directorate i.e. ED for the third time in the alleged liquor scam of Delhi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not appeared before the ED. Arvind Kejriwal was to appear before the ED on Wednesday but CM Kejriwal has sent his written reply to the ED. Kejriwal has given many reasons for not appearing before the ED. He has said that there are Rajya Sabha elections and he also has to attend the program of 26th January.

In the written reply sent by Arvind Kejriwal to ED, he has said, ‘I am surprised that you have once again issued summons to me without giving any reply to the reply given by me earlier. I had replied earlier on 02.11.2023 and 20.12.2023. Therefore, it seems to me that you have no legal reason to issue me this summons. Your silence without reason in this matter is not right.

Kejriwal mentioned elections and 26th January

Responding to ED, Arvind Kejriwal wrote, ‘The Election Commission has said that Rajya Sabha elections will be held. Nominations are starting in Delhi from January 3 and voting will take place on January 19 and the results will be released. There are three Rajya Sabha seats in Delhi. The tenure of the MPs on these seats will end on January 27, 2024. Being the national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party, I will be busy in this important election on behalf of my party.

CM Kejriwal further wrote, ‘Being the Chief Minister of Delhi, it is necessary for me to attend various programs to be held on January 26, 2024. In such circumstances, I hope that you will work with transparency as per the law. I hope that you will also consider the objections raised by me on 02.11.2023 and 20.12.2023.

CM Kejriwal raised questions on the intention of sending summons

In his reply sent to ED, CM Kejriwal has also raised questions on the intention of sending summons to him. Raising questions on the summons, he said, ‘In the investigation for which I am being summoned, I am not able to understand what is the real intention of the summons, its scope, nature and source.’ Along with this, CM Kejriwal has also said that every time the summons reaches the media before reaching him. So this raises the question whether the purpose of all these summons is to conduct an investigation or to tarnish his image.

What else did Kejriwal say in his reply to ED?

I am surprised that you did not respond to the objection raised by me and sent a summons similar to the earlier summons again.

I believe that you have no justification for these summons.

ED’s behavior is arbitrary and non-transparent.

Like before, I say again that I respect the law and am ready to cooperate in the investigation.

Your silence confirms vested interests.

I know of many such cases in which the Enforcement Directorate has given a detailed explanation when the person who received the summons asked.

I again ask you to answer my questions so that I can properly understand the intended scope of this investigation.

Every time the summons reach the media before they reach me, it raises questions whether the purpose of the summons is to conduct an investigation or to tarnish my reputation.

There are Rajya Sabha elections in Delhi, as the national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party, I am busy in it.

Being the Chief Minister of Delhi, I am also busy preparing for 26th January. But, if you want to send a list of questions, I will answer them.

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