‘What a mind you have, Guru!’ Boy is saving huge amount of money by going to college by flight, the method of saving money will baffle your head… – Bollywood Keeda

Students go to college by scooter, bike and car. But a strange incident has come to light. Where a boy goes to college by flight to save money. The boy is also saving a huge amount of money by going to college by flight. Now people are giving different types of reactions on social media.

The whole matter is about Canada. Where a student who studies in the University of British Columbia. Who has to go to college only 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. In such a situation, he travels by flight to save money. He says he is a resident of Calgary. He said that his college is in Vancouver. Where house rent is very high. A lot of money is saved because it comes by flight.

Giving information about saving money, the student said that he spends only 150 dollars to go to college by flight. At the same time, his expenses for the whole month come to 1200 dollars (Rs 99,631). If he had lived in Vancouver near college, he would have had to pay $2100 (Rs 1,74,358) per month as rent for a one-bedroom apartment. He also says that he lives with his parents along with this money.

People are giving their feedback by commenting on Tim’s post. People liked his idea very much. However, some people say that this is a very tiring idea. This also wastes time.

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