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Weight Loss Tips: Are you also troubled by your hanging belly? So do this exercise while sitting, you will soon get a flat stomach – Bollywood Keeda

Weight Loss Tips: If you are troubled by increasing weight and protruding belly, then you can do some yoga and exercises while sitting which will help in burning your belly fat. Generally, the lifestyle of many people has become such that they do not get time to go to the gym or go out of the house for a walk in the park. Due to this they have to face a lot of trouble. In such a situation, if you keep working while sitting, your stomach starts getting distended.

With these exercises the stomach definitely goes in. Along with this, good stretching of waist, back, hips and legs also takes place. By doing these exercises, you do not need to work hard, you just have to do yoga while sitting, so that you will be able to burn your belly fat. So let us know what that exercise is.

butterfly pose

To do this yoga asana, first of all sit with your legs extended. Now bend both the legs and stick the soles together and then sit holding the toes of the feet with both your hands. After this, now lift your knees up and down.

side bends

To do side bends, first sit on the ground with both the legs open and then take both the hands above the head and join them together. Now bend the waist and turn the body first to the left and then to the right. You have to bend both sides like this and do side bends 50-50 times.

side bends on chair

Sit straight on the chair and keep your back close to the back of the chair. Now join both your legs together. After this, take your straight hand above the head and turn the body to the left. Now take the left hand above the head and turn it to the right. Do this exercise 20-20 times.


Vajrasana is a good asana to reduce belly fat. To do Vajrasana, first spread the mat and then sit on it with your knees bent. Keep the hips on the heels of the feet. Sit with your hands on your knees in front. The back should be straight. While doing this pose, one should hold the pose while taking deep breaths for some time.


To do Paschimottasana, first of all you have to sit on the ground with your feet facing forward and then bend your back and touch the toes with your hands. After this, keep your head tilted downwards. After holding this posture for some time, come back to the previous posture.


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