Waiting for Funds for Your startup – Crowdfunding is the Answer for You

Looking to start your own entrepreneurial journey? Want to become the next startup king? You are not alone. Almost every young college-goer and business enthusiast is thinking the same thing. So, how can you skip the queue and reach your goals faster and more efficiently? By connecting with people who are at the wavelength as you are and who are passionate about the project that you will be working at.

Funding is the final goal for many startups these days and that’s the reason more than 90% of them fail in the first months, the rest are either lucky or extraordinary that remain intact in such a competitive market.

The first thing every aspiring entrepreneur must remember is to not set goals that everyone is setting. Be different and work to give the customers something that will make their life easier. Inorganic funding shouldn’t be the goal. Instead, for the capital generation, Crowd-Funding should be the way to go. If you are here, you must know what crowdfunding is but for those who don’t, it happens when people come together and contribute a small amount towards a certain cause they believe in – a large number of people adding just a small amount make up to millions.

Crowdfunding is slowly becoming the way to go as far as getting funds for a business, service, or even a cause is concerned. You do not have to worry about the banks and the interest rates that add up on the loans they give.

You just have to trust the 3 billion internet users and put something that will gain their attention and the funds will follow. Of course, there is a lot that goes into the whole process and how to bring people together. But Crowdfunding sure is the latest trust-the-model-and-fund idea.

The most common way to kick-start a crowdfunding campaign is through the powerful social media. There are many websites, communities and social media handles that bring both service providers and donors together.

Some campaigns are based on rewards that donors will be able to avail after a certain period of product or service launch, based on the profits that business will make. And some also enable the donors to be stakeholders in the company. So, when the company profits, donors get a lump sum for their initial minimal donations.

Think about it, when almost everyone is using the internet, how hard could it be to find people interested in your idea? Just create a crowdfunding campaign online [easier said than done] and see the capital flow in, gradually.

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