‘Vyatha Ki Katha’ is the untouched story of the partition of Bengal 1947, the film has been shot in Khairagarh and Pakhanjoor of Chhattisgarh, getting tremendous response from the audience across the country – Bollywood Keeda

Entertainment Desk. ‘Tale of Sorrow’ Famous director Akashaditya Lama’s film Bengal 1947 is such an untouched love story in which the circumstances after the independence and creation of Bangladesh after the partition of India have been shown very well. In the film, a story has been depicted whose hero belongs to the upper caste and the heroine represents the depressed class of the society, which the director has brilliantly portrayed on the cinema screen.

Akashaditya Lama, who originally took primary education from Bhilai, finalized the location of the film and shot it in Pakhanjur, a Bang established area of ​​Chhattisgarh, after which some scenes of the film were shot at the Music University of Khairagarh. This film is getting good response from the audience all over the country. This film is being liked very much in front of big budget films all over the country. This film is also very much discussed among the general audience of Chhattisgarh.

There is a smell of soil in Bengal 1947: Lama

The director of the film centered on the partition of Bengal, found it a challenge to show the amazing power of love amidst the horrific picture of partition, which was accepted and this film was made. He himself remained engaged in serious research and writing work on every aspect of it. This film entertains the audience by giving them a unique experience. The way the work has been done regarding the location of the film is being highly appreciated. It is a pleasant experience for us to show the period of 1947 at the time of partition in the film.

The new generation of cinema is being prepared: Dr. Choubey

Actor and theater artist Dr. Yogendra Chaubey has played the lively role of Dom in this film, which was greatly liked by the audience. Dr. Choubey, who was a student of the first National School of Drama after the formation of Chhattisgarh state, is originally a resident of Raigarh. Presently he is the head of the acting department at Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh. He said that this film has given an opportunity to the new generation of cinema in Chhattisgarh, the result of which will give an opportunity to many emerging cinema workers to establish themselves in the future.

Bengal 1947 is the cinema of my dreams: Surbhi Srivastava

Surabhi Srivastava, a student of the acting department of the country’s prestigious Indian Film and Television Institute, has done justice to her acting as the lead heroine in this film. Actress Surbhi, a resident of Rajnandgaon, was active in theater before FTII selection. He says that being a part of this film was like a dream for him. The way the audience is liking his acting very much, this film will prove to be a milestone in the field of acting for him.

This film has music by Abhishek Ray, editing by Rajendra Mahapatra, cinematography by Vinod Chhabra, art direction by Benny Francis, Dhanraj Nishad, costume design by Debjani Bibihori. Apart from actress Devoleena, Sohela Kapoor, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Aditya Lakhia, Anil Rastogi, Pramod Pawar, Ankur Armam, Surabhi Srivastava, Falak Rahi, Vikram TDR and Atul Gangwar have acted in the film. ‘Bengal 1947: Ek Ankahi Prem Kahani’ is produced under Comfed Productions Private Limited and Think Tank Global. The producers of the film are Satish Pandey, Akashaditya Lama and Rishabh Pandey. This film was distributed by Platoon Distribution.

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