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Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Never let these 5 things run out in your kitchen, it has a bad effect on the planets – Bollywood Keeda

Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Kitchen is considered to be the most sacred place of the house, it is the place where maximum emphasis is given on cleanliness. The emphasis is also on the fact that the door to the health of the entire house opens from the kitchen only. Apart from health, the prosperity of the house also depends on the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, the cleanliness of the kitchen, the way and direction of keeping and filling the items there affect the happiness and prosperity of the house. Therefore, it is believed that some items never run out in the kitchen, if this happens then it affects the prosperity of the house.

Let us know which are those five things and why are they important.

Flour (Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

Flour is available in every house, there is a lot of flour in daily food due to which roti is made in every house. It often happens that flour is filled in the flour box after it is empty. Avoid this kind of habit. First of all, never empty the flour container by dusting it, fill it with flour before it runs out. According to Vaastu, it is believed that sweeping away flour leads to loss of both wealth and respect.

Turmeric (Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

Turmeric is an important element added to every vegetable and dal. It is also considered very sacred from the religious point of view. According to astrology, it is directly related to the planet Jupiter, hence lack of turmeric in the kitchen is also considered equivalent to Guru Dosh, due to which you may face shortage of money. It can also affect your career. Therefore, never leave the turmeric box empty. Also keep in mind that turmeric is never taken from anyone, never borrow or lend turmeric.

Rice (Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

Like turmeric, rice is also related to the astrological planet. Rice is considered a symbol of Venus. The planet Venus is a symbol of opulence and material pleasures. At home, Venus is a factor in good relations between husband and wife. To maintain love and sweetness in the house, it is important that rice never runs out in the kitchen.

Salt (Kitchen Vastu Tips)

Salt is considered to be the substance of Rahu. Although there is no kitchen where one can do without salt, but always try to never run out of salt. Add salt to the container before it becomes empty. It is believed that depletion of salt causes evil eye of Rahu, which affects work and financial condition. Always keep the salt box full and keep it clean and tidy.

Mustard Oil (Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

Mustard oil was earlier used in most of the houses. After becoming conscious about health, new types of oils have started coming into homes, due to which mustard oil is not available in every home. Even if you don’t have it in your house, then try to bring some oil and keep it in the kitchen. This oil is related to planet Saturn. Keep mustard oil in the house and if possible, also take care of it on Saturday.


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