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Vastu Tips: Can we install betel leaf arch in the house, know what are its benefits… – Bollywood Keeda

According to Vastu Shastra, many rules have been explained for happiness, prosperity and well-being in life. If these rules are ignored, it can cause Vaastu defects and one has to face many problems. You must have seen an archway made of some material at the door of every person’s house. Which has different importance. Some people install an arch of mango leaves and others of flowers, but have you ever seen an arch of betel leaves?

Placing a betel leaf arch at the door of the house is considered very auspicious. With this, Goddess Lakshmi arrives in the house and one can get rid of negative powers. Besides, the problems going on in a person’s life can also be resolved. Let us know what are the other benefits of installing a betel leaf in the house. Read More – Ekta Kapoor gave a big offer to Ankita Lokhande! After Bigg Boss, she can be seen in this serial…

Brings happiness and peace in the home

If you place a betel leaf arch at the door of the house, it brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house and the person can get auspicious results. Therefore, make sure to install a betel leaf arch at the main entrance of the house.

Auspicious for the health of family members

If any member of the house is ill, then a betel leaf arch must be installed. This can improve a person’s health and also bring happiness and peace. Along with this, all the work of the person also starts getting done.

Lord Shiva resides

If you are not getting any work done, then offer betel leaves to Shivling on Monday. With this, the person will never have to face any trouble and his wishes can also be fulfilled. Read More – Poonam Pandey came alive ‘after death’, video surfaced…

gives respect

A person can also gain respect from betel leaves. Also, if you are troubled by debt, you can get relief from that also.

Mother Saraswati resides

If your child is not interested in studies, offer betel leaves to Goddess Saraswati on Monday. You can benefit from this and the child’s concentration in studies will increase.


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