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Vastu Tips: At what height should the idol of God be kept in the home temple? Know what Vaastu Shastra says here? – Bollywood Keeda

People who believe in Sanatan Dharma definitely have a temple of worship or a fixed place of worship in their house. For happiness and peace, people keep the idol of the family deity or Ishta Dev in the house. Special rules related to the idols of Gods and Goddesses have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. For example, what should be the height of the idols kept in the temple during puja. As per the scriptures, what should be the height of the puja temple or at what height should the pictures be kept in it. Special rules have been given for this also. What should be the height of the puja temple? Also, today we will tell you about at what height the idol of God should be kept at the place of worship.

At what height should the idol be kept in the house?

According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the idols of Gods and Goddesses should be worshiped by keeping them at appropriate height at the place of worship. At the place of worship, the idols of Gods and Goddesses should be kept at the height of the heart. This is because there is no blame for worshiping the idol by placing it at such a height. Also, the Gods and Goddesses keep an eye on the worshippers. People often follow this rule related to worship for happiness and peace. Which is also true according to classical beliefs. If the devotee worships while sitting, then in that case also the idol or picture should remain at the height of the heart. If you worship while standing, then it is appropriate to follow the above rules.

The idol should not be bigger than 3 inches

A big idol should not be kept in the home temple. According to the scriptures, the size of the idols of Gods and Goddesses kept in the home temple should not be more than 3 inches. The idol should be kept equal to the length of the thumb. Idols larger than the size of a thumb should not be kept in the home temple. Many rules have to be followed while worshiping big idols. A small mistake in their worship has inauspicious effects.

In which direction should the puja temple be kept?

According to Vastu rules, the temple in the house should always be kept towards the east. That means the open part of the temple should be towards the worshipper. This is because it is auspicious and appropriate to worship facing east. Apart from this, there is a rule to worship facing north also.

What is the best time for puja?

According to classical beliefs, the best time for worship, meditation etc. is Brahma Muhurta. Special benefits of worship performed during this period are obtained. However, worship of Lord Shiva in the temple should be done before 12 noon. Generally it is considered good to perform puja in the first quarter of the day.


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