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Unaware of the truth, a woman was pregnant for 9 months, reached the hospital fearing a tumor, gave birth to a son… – Bollywood Keeda

A surprising case has come to light from West Bengal. Here a woman reached the hospital complaining of stomach ache and upon investigation it was found that she was 9 months pregnant. The woman and her family were stunned to know this because they had not seen any signs of pregnancy in the woman for the last 9 months, hence everyone was unaware of this.

What is the matter?

This matter is from East Bardhaman district. 20-year-old Priya Kshetrapal, who lives here, reached Kalna Mahkuma Hospital complaining of stomach ache. As soon as the doctor examined her, it was revealed that she was 9 months pregnant and the pain was due to labor pain. Hearing this from the doctor, Priya and her family were surprised because they had not seen any symptoms of pregnancy in the last 9 months. .

Understand the problem of swelling due to increase in stomach

According to the family, Priya’s stomach started growing a few months ago, but when she got examined by the doctor, he described it as swelling and acidity. After this, when Priya’s stomach started increasing further, she feared a tumor. After this he got tested again and the tumor was also not found. In such a situation, the family including Priya assumed that there was swelling in her stomach due to gas and acidity. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

Priya gave birth to a son

Priya suddenly started having severe pain in her stomach, after which she went to the hospital. However, when she reached there and got information about her pregnancy and came to know that the pain she was feeling was labor pain, she regained her senses. They flew away. After this Priya gave birth to a son. Let us tell you that Priya already has a son of one and a half year old.

What did doctor say?

In this case, gynecologist Dr. Piyush Kanti told that Priya was 9 months pregnant, yet she continued to menstruate every month and did not show any symptoms related to pregnancy. He further said, “We call it cryptic pregnancy. There are no symptoms of pregnancy in this, but it is detected after 20 weeks. At present, such cases are rarely seen. At present Priya and her child are healthy.”


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