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UFO Spotted in Manipur: UFO spotted in the sky of riot affected Manipur

UFO Spotted in Manipur: On Sunday, an unknown object like UFO or UAV was seen flying near the airport in the sky of Imphal, the capital of Manipur, the north-eastern state of India affected by caste riots. After which flight services were stopped at the airport for about 3 hours. An official said that till 4 pm the UFO was visible with the naked eye moving towards the west of the airfield. Let us tell you that this is not the first case when a UFO has been seen in India, even before this such incidents have happened in many states of the country.

According to information, there was a stir at the spot after the alleged UFO was seen near Bir Tikendrajit Interstate (BTI) Airport of Imphal. As soon as the information was received, air traffic was suspended for more than three hours and during this time neither any flight took off nor landed from the airport. An airport official said that after the UFO sighting inside the Imphal controlled airspace, two flights from Delhi and Guwahati were diverted and three flights to Agartala, Guwahati and Kolkata were delayed.

It is noteworthy that the UFO was reportedly seen by the Central Industrial Security Force personnel and the pilot of a private airline before it took off at around 2.20 pm. There was no immediate clarification on the identity and purpose of the object but sources said the Director General of Civil Aviation and the Indian Air Force were jointly looking into it. After a thorough investigation about this alleged UFO, flight operations have been resumed as usual in the evening.

Know what are UFOs?

Generally, a flying saucer shaped object flying in the sky is called UFO. Their shape is like a disk or saucer. According to many eyewitnesses, whenever UFOs were seen, bright light was also seen along with them. They have a lot of mobility.

UFO was seen many times before in India

Year 1951:On March 15, at 10.20 am, a flying club of 25 members in New Delhi saw a cigar-shaped object flying in the sky, which was about a hundred feet long. It first appeared nearby and then disappeared within seconds.

Year 2008: On October 29, people in Kolkata saw a rapidly rotating object in the sky between 03.30 pm and 06.30 am. It was caught on camera with a handycam. First its shape appeared circular, then became triangular and then changed to a straight line. This thing kept emitting a bright light. many people saw this

Year 2008: UFO sighting claimed in Bijnor.

Year 2013: Residents of Mogappier in Chennai saw an orange glowing object in the sky at 08.55 pm on June 20. Local newspapers also published it on June 23.

Year 2013: On August 4, 2013, on the border with China in Ladakh, the Army saw a round object flying in the sky, which was accompanied by yellow light. She remained visible there for five hours.

Year 2014:Jet Airways female pilot Mahima Chaudhary claimed to have seen a luminous UFO at a height of 26,300 feet in the sky near Ahmedabad.

Year 2014: A person from Lucknow saw a bright object near the sun from the balcony of his house in July. Which he also captured as a photo in his cellphone. He claimed that this object kept shining for about 40 minutes.

Year 2014: The news of UFO sighting spread in Guwahati on 11 July, Shamli on 12 July and Tundla on 14 July.

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