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Tulsi Mala Ke Fayde: Wearing Tulsi Mala provides many physical and mental benefits, let’s know why it should be worn – Bollywood Keeda

Benefits of Tulsi Mala: Tulsi has special importance in Hindu religion. That is why you get to see Tulsi plant in the courtyard of most of the houses. This plant is considered favorite of Lord Vishnu, hence to get the blessings of God, women take bath and worship Tulsi every morning. It is also said that in the courtyard of a house where there is a Tulsi plant, there is no Vaastu defect of any kind. This brings positive energy to the house.

Apart from this, basil plant is also very beneficial for health. The environment of the house remains pure with Tulsi. But do you know that wearing Tulsi garland is also considered very good. It is said that if the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna wear Tulsi garland, they get a lot of benefits.

Wearing Tulsi garland calms the mind and purifies the soul. What benefits can we get by wearing Tulsi garland, today we will tell you about this.

There are 2 types of Tulsi (Benefits of Tulsi Mala)

There are mainly two types of Tulsi, Shyama Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Wearing Shyama Tulsi rosary provides mental peace and brings positivity in the mind. Along with spiritual progress, there is family and material progress. Faith and devotion towards God increases. Wearing the garland of Rama Tulsi increases self-confidence in a person and awakens virtuous feelings. You get help in performing your duties.

The body remains clean (Benefits of Tulsi Mala)

Although there is a religious belief in wearing a Tulsi garland, it also has electrical power. Wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck purifies the body, increases vitality and cures many diseases. Yes, wearing Tulsi Mala is beneficial in digestion power of a person, high fever, cold, headache, skin diseases, brain diseases and many gas related diseases.

Blood pressure remains under control (Benefits of Tulsi Mala)

Tulsi is a wonderful medicine which improves blood pressure and digestion. Wearing Tulsi increases the flow of electrical energy in the body. Wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck produces electrical waves which prevent obstruction in blood circulation. Apart from this, Tulsi is very beneficial in malaria and other types of fevers.

Mental health improves (Benefits of Tulsi Mala)

Wearing Tulsi garland provides mental peace. Wearing it around the neck puts pressure on important acupressure points, which provides relief from mental stress and protects from infectious diseases. Tulsi helps in increasing memory power. Tulsi also has religious and Ayurvedic importance. It is also beneficial in antibiotic, pain-relieving and increasing immunity.

Beneficial in jaundice (Tulsi Mala Ke Fayde)

Wearing Tulsi garland in jaundice is considered good for health. Tulsi rosary has so much power that it quickly eliminates jaundice from the body. It is said that if Tulsi wood is tied to a white cotton thread and worn, the intensity of jaundice reduces and the person becomes healthy.

Other benefits (Benefits of Tulsi Mala)

Wearing Tulsi rosary increases fame, glory and good fortune. Wearing Tulsi rosary around the neck increases vitality. Apart from this, eating basil leaves does not cause any kind of disease or sorrow. You can also get these benefits by wearing Tulsi rosary. To get more such information, stay connected with Harzindagi.


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