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Tomato Ketchup Side Effects: Do you also eat more tomato ketchup than required? So be careful, know the harm here – Bollywood Keeda

Tomato Ketchup Side Effects: Be it pizza or pasta, Maggi or Chow Mein, unless you add a lot of ketchup i.e. tomato juice on top of it, it is not fun to eat these things. There are some people who also like to eat parathas with ketchup. But now the time has come that we all open our eyes and become aware of the ill effects of consuming ketchup. If you do not do this then you may get into big trouble.

Ketchup is being consumed not only by children but also by other age groups. But they don’t know the story behind it. Ketchup contains neither protein nor fiber. In fact, they are loaded with sugar, salt, spices, and fructose corn syrup. Fructose corn syrup added to foods increases the risk of obesity, insulin resistance, high triglycerides and fatty liver disease. So let us know about the harm caused by eating too much tomato ketchup.

Risk of increasing obesity (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

To maintain the consistency of ketchup, a lot of starch is used in it, which can increase the amount of calorie intake in your body. Due to excess of calories in the body, there is a higher risk of obesity. Besides, it is also rich in sugar, which can increase your weight.

Excess of salt in the body (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

If you are taking 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of tomato ketchup daily, then it is adding more salt to your body. Because a lot of salt is added to prepare tomato ketchup. However, due to the presence of sugar in it, you do not experience much salt in the taste.

Possibility of diabetes (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

Along with salt, a lot of sugar is also used in tomato ketchup. There is a risk of diabetes due to increase in the amount of sugar in the body. Besides, it contains excess of starch and sodium, due to which blood pressure and blood sugar are affected.

Risk of many stomach related problems (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

If you consume too much tomato ketchup, the amount of citric acid in your body increases. In this situation, gastric problems start occurring due to the pressure of citric acid in the body. Due to this, your chances of having acid bowel syndrome, indigestion and gas in the stomach increases.

Risk of diarrhea (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

Salmonella bacteria is present in tomatoes. When Salmonella bacteria starts increasing in abundance in the body, it starts affecting our gut. Due to which the risk of digestive problems increases. Due to this the risk of diarrhea also increases. Because in many tomato ketchups, rotten tomatoes are used in large quantities, which affects our gut health.

Risk of getting cancer (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

If you consume preservatives in large quantities, it increases the risk of cancer. It is not necessary that consuming it for 1-2 months will cause cancer. But if you are continuously consuming preservatives, then the chances of cancer may increase. Many types of colors are added to ketchup, which are preservatives. Also, many types of preservatives are used to prevent it from spoiling, due to which there is a risk of cancer.

Risk of kidney stones (Tomato Ketchup Side Effects)

People who have kidney stones or other types of stones are advised to eat less tomatoes. The reason for this is the oxalate present in tomatoes. If the amount of oxalate increases in the body, there is a risk of stone formation. If we take more oxalate than required, there is a risk of developing kidney stones. Therefore, avoid consuming excessive tomatoes or tomato ketchup.


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