Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen: Do not throw away the ketchup that comes with pizza-sandwiches, instead use it to make your burnt, old utensils shine – Bollywood Keeda

Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen: We all have tomato ketchup in our house, whether we buy it ourselves or get it with many other fast foods including pizza and burgers. Many times people throw away the tomato ketchup in the packet considering it useless. In such a situation, today we will tell you some best cleaning hacks related to this. Be it cleaning kitchen utensils or rust, with the help of ketchup you can complete the work very easily.

Yes, your favorite tomato ketchup, apart from enhancing the taste of your food, be it cleaning rusted utensils or old bronze utensils that have lost their shine, with the help of ketchup you can clean everything very easily. Let us know how you can make your utensils shine.

Copper Utensils (Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen)

Copper utensils are used in most Indian homes. Be it bottles for storing water or kalash for worship, copper utensils are definitely used in homes. If your copper utensils have turned black, you can clean them with the help of ketchup. Apply tomato ketchup on copper utensils and scrub them with a scrubber to get back the lost shine.

Burnt Utensils (Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen)

Many times we burn many things including rice, milk and pulses, which remain stuck in the utensils. To clean burnt stains on utensils, leave ketchup overnight. Next morning, rub it with a scrubber and the burn marks will disappear.

Rusted Utensils (Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen)

No one likes rusty old utensils, often steel and iron utensils get rusted. You can use ketchup to remove rust from utensils. To remove stains, apply ketchup in the vessel and leave it for half an hour. Later, clean the rusty utensils by applying lemon, baking soda and salt in the scrubber.

Bronze and Brass Utensils (Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen)

Brass and bronze utensils are there in all our homes. These turn black due to exposure to wind and water. To clean your old brass and bronze utensils, mix salt and ketchup in a bowl and apply it on the brass and bronze utensils and rub it well. Your old black bronze utensils will be cleaned.

Steel Utensils (Tomato Ketchup Hack for Kitchen)

Ketchup can be used to clean steel utensils like copper and brass. Mix salt in ketchup and leave it in steel utensils. After some time, clean the dirt from the utensils by applying dishwash gel in the scrubber.

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