Thieves’ gang busted: The vicious man who broke into 4 houses including a coal trader’s worth lakhs was arrested, the accused used to take help of his mother to steal the jewellery – Bollywood Keeda

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur, Police has revealed a total of 4 cases including theft at the house of a coal trader in Torwa area. The police have arrested two vicious thieves and a woman who used stolen goods. The police have also recovered a scooter purchased with the stolen money and gold and silver jewelery worth about Rs 15 lakh.

According to the information, the police have arrested the vicious thief Paka alias Prakash James and his associate Om Prakash, who had committed theft in a total of 04 houses, including the theft in the house of Akash Singhal, resident of Devrikhurd police station, Torwa, on the night of 16th February. The accused Prakash used to take the help of his mother Indu Sahu in selling the gold and silver jewelery stolen from James in the market. Therefore his mother has also been made an accused in this case. Accused Prakash James had bought a Honda Activa Scooty with the money received from the theft, which has been confiscated. Police have seized stolen gold and silver jewelery worth approximately Rs 15 lakh in 4 cases.

Actually, information was being received from the informers about Paka alias Prakash James and Om Prakash, residents of Devrikhurd Atal Awas, that a lot of change is being seen in the lifestyle of both the suspects, which is like using expensive clothes and spending money on food and drinks. Are spending. Meanwhile, on the intervening night of 16-17 February, theft took place in the house of Akash Singhal, resident of Devrikhurd police station Torwa. During the investigation of this case, on the basis of CCTV footage, two suspects were identified as Paka alias Prakash James, resident of Deorikhurd and Om Prakash, resident of Deorikhurd. The police detained the suspects and interrogated them. In which he confessed that he had committed theft by breaking the locks of 4 houses. Accused Prakash James had given the stolen gold and silver jewelery to his mother Indu Sahu to sell it in the market. The police have seized the stolen jewelery and the items purchased from it.

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