They cheat people of lakhs by talking in the voice of relatives and friends, beware of cyber crime fraud… – Bollywood Keeda

Cyber ​​Crime Awareness: A lot of fraud is happening in money transactions in the country. In such a situation, private sector HDFC Bank has found a solution to financial fraud. These days, cyber fraudsters are adopting new methods to cheat people.

HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank have advised their customers to be cautious to protect themselves from cyber fraud. ICICI Bank has warned people about those fraudsters who send them mails or messages or ask them to install various types of games, apps or links from Facebook, X or WhatsApp on their mobiles.

Bank gave warning (Cyber ​​Crime Awareness)

HDFC Bank has warned its customers about Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice cloning technology. Using this technique, fraudsters call customers and talk in the voices of their relatives or friends. During this, they demand money from the customers by pretending to be of some emergency and cheat them. People in the bank have been asked to be cautious of such calls.

How to stay safe from such cyber fraud?

If you receive such a call, disconnect it and call another number of that person to confirm the identity. Never share your ATM PIN, password or OTP with any unknown call. Do not install the app, it may steal your data. Never panic when you receive such a call and do not do any financial transaction.

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