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There can be many reasons for a fire in a moving car, such as engine failure, short circuit or fuel leakage. In case of fire, you will be able to keep yourself safe by taking the right steps without panicking. As soon as fire is detected, immediately stop the car at a safe place and switch off the engine. Take out the keys from the car. This will reduce the possibility of fire spreading. Get out of the car and stand away. If someone else is in the car, get them out too. Stay away from flames and smoke.

Why does a moving car catch fire?

There are many inadvertent reasons behind this sudden incident. Talking about the reasons, the car can catch fire in case of collision, fuel leakage, tire burst or electrical failure. The reason can be anything, but a fire in a moving car is dangerous, because to get out of danger, you have to extinguish the fire and also get out of the car.

  1. Some of the main reasons for a vehicle catching fire while moving are overheating of the engine, leaking of fuel or any problem in the wiring of the vehicle. To avoid this, you should not install extra accessories that consume more power in your vehicle.
  2. Many people tamper with the company fitted accessories of the car to customize it, which leads to unnecessary cuts in the wiring of the car. Due to this, the possibility of short circuit in the wiring of the vehicle increases significantly. Also, many people install many separate accessories in the vehicle, which puts unnecessary pressure on the wiring of the vehicle and may lead to fire. To avoid this, do not install too many electronic accessories in your vehicle and keep getting your vehicle checked by a mechanic from time to time.

How to avoid the problem of fire in a moving car

Get the car checked regularly. If there is any problem, get it fixed immediately.
Always keep a fire extinguisher in the car to extinguish fire.
Do not smoke in the car, especially in those cars which run on CNG.
Keep in mind that the temperature of the car engine should always be correct.
The engine oil in the car should be at the correct level.
Keep the car’s electrical system checked from time to time.

  1. If you drive a CNG car then you need to be extremely careful, because CNG cars are more prone to fire. Also, all the parts of such vehicles must be checked from time to time. With this, if there is any defect in the vehicle, it can be rectified in time. Along with this, as a precaution, you must keep a fire extinguisher of a good company in your vehicle.

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