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These 6 rings have changed the fate of people, know what is special about them… – Bollywood Keeda

Despite all the efforts, the problems are not ending. Or there is a desire to attain happiness and prosperity. Often people look for solutions to all these things in astrology or vastu shastra. Sometimes they do puja and sometimes they wear gems or rings. Nowadays 6 rings are quite popular, people believe that they bring good luck.

elephant ring

According to astrology, wearing an elephant ring frees a person from financial troubles. Apart from this he is full of wealth. This is the reason why people want to get rid of debt or want to get the blessings of Kuber, they wear a ring shaped like an elephant. Read More – Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel crossed limits in the house, video going viral…

horseshoe ring

Shani Dosh is removed by wearing a ring made of black horseshoe. According to astrology, if a person is suffering from Saturn’s Sade Sati or Saturn’s Dhaiya, then wearing this ring will remove his problems.

Navagraha Ring

Wearing a Navagraha ring gives a person good health, happiness, prosperity and mental peace. Wearing this removes negative effects from the mind. This is a ring which can be worn even without the advice of an astrologer.

copper ring

According to astrology, wearing a copper ring removes Surya Dosha. This ring gives a person position, prestige and respect in the society. Apart from this, copper certainly has medicinal properties. Due to this, it is considered beneficial for health. Wearing copper increases energy, strength and intelligence. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

snake ring

According to astrology, wearing a snake shaped ring removes Kaalsarp Dosh, Pitra Dosh and Eclipse Dosh from the life of the person. There is a belief that wearing a snake ring not only provides health and happiness but also protects from the evil eye and also increases wealth and prosperity.

tortoise ring

People also have deep faith in tortoise ring to bring good luck. According to Vastu, this ring pacifies many defects in a person’s life. Apart from this, wearing it also increases self-confidence. Wealth also increases.


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