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There is rampant corruption in the Urban PM Housing Scheme, employees accused of extorting money from beneficiaries through brokers – Bollywood Keeda

Govind Patel, Kushinagar. The government may be talking about zero tolerance, but on the ground the zero tolerance policy has failed. There is rampant corruption in government run schemes. Instead of curbing this, the employees involved in corruption are getting protection from the responsible officials.

The matter pertains to the newly elected Nagar Panchayats of Kushinagar district. Where the beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Urban Housing Scheme in the Nagar Panchayat, on the condition of anonymity, told us that there is widespread corruption in the scheme by the employees of SB NG India, the organization working for the urban housing scheme. The employee of the organization is Tarun Kumar who is working on the post of District Head (DC). Who has been established in the district like Angad’s feet for four years. Through them, through employees and brokers, they collect installments from the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s residence in Kishtwar which is being given by the government. In this, 15000 thousand are being taken in the first installment, 25000 thousand in the second installment and 10000 thousand in the third installment. The beneficiary who does not pay the money. So they would declare them ineligible and intimidate them by threatening to lodge an FIR due to which the beneficiaries would fear and give money to their brokers. Tarun Kumar is the mastermind of all the extortionists. By taking money from them, the working boys are transferred from here to there. So that their employees keep exploiting the beneficiaries without any fear, from threatening them to taking photographs of the housing beneficiaries, till the money comes after the geo tag. Even if any beneficiary wants to complain about them, their employees tell them that our DC sir is a relative of some SUDA officer in Lucknow. No one can do anything for them, if we don’t give them money we will get them fired from the job.

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At the same time, he alleged that DC Tarun Kumar has been working in Kushinagar district for a long time and has maintained an army of brokers in the Prime Minister’s Urban Housing Scheme. Through which they collect huge amounts of money from the beneficiaries of the Urban Housing Scheme. By doing this act, DC Tarun Kumar is defaming the government of Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Due to which the image of the government is being tarnished by the general public. Complaints about this have been made by the beneficiaries in the past also, but till date no action has been taken against them. Now it remains to be seen whether any action is taken against DC Tarun Kumar, who is stuck in Kushinagar like Angad’s leg, or the system would have surrendered before this employee involved in corruption and the government’s policy of zero tolerance would have remained in vain.

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