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The Railway Men: Premiere of the web series ‘The Railway Man’ based on Bhopal gas tragedy today, Shiv Rawail said – It took 2 years to refine and refine the script… – Bollywood Keeda

Netflix and YRF Entertainment’s series, The Railway Man is a thrilling story of bravery, hope and humanity. It has become one of the most awaited series to watch and director Shiv Rawail has revealed how Aditya Chopra took 2 years to hone and refine every beat of the script, focusing on delivering a scale that was never achieved on digital. has not been.

Shiv says, “One thing I know about my mentor, Aditya Chopra, is that he will never make anything that he doesn’t feel is attractive enough for the audience to watch. I think this is why YRF has been able to influence pop culture and shape people’s content choices across generations.” Read More – Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel crossed limits in the house, video going viral…

He says, “Aditya Chopra chose The Railway Man for the first series made by YRF for streaming. We worked on the script and the pre-production process for over 2 years before Adi decided to greenlight the series. He was that special. His reason was simple – Adi wanted the same values ​​of YRF to be reflected in the ethos of YRF Entertainment, its OTT arm and the projects it produces.”

Shiv further adds, “Adi wanted the series to be at a level that had never been seen before on digital platforms and he was willing to wait and deliver until he was confident that we Trying our best and giving never-seen entertainment to the audience.”

The 4-part mini-series, which will premiere on November 18 only on Netflix, marks the first collaboration between Netflix and YRF Entertainment. The Railway Man is the story of the extraordinary bravery displayed by the Indian Railways employees in Bhopal, fighting against an invisible enemy in the air on the fateful night of the gas leak, against all odds to save their fellow citizens. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

Inspired by true stories, this entertaining series celebrates the indomitable spirit of humanity. A team of brilliant actors including R Madhavan, KK Menon, Divyendu and Babil Khan will be seen. Shiv Rawail has been working at YRF domestically for more than 10 years. He has personally assisted Aditya Chopra and mentored him for many projects produced by Adi.

Shiv says, “One thing I like about YRF is that the company does not work just for the sake of it. There are no half-measures here. No stone has been left unturned in creating the best content that can entertain people. “I had complete freedom in presenting my vision to Adi for The Railway Man and I am proud that he helped me further my passion.”

He further adds, “Railway Man brings to life one of the most important and relevant topics that every Indian knows about. So, we had to be sensitive, our show had to show how humanity exists within us even when we are personally at risk. “We are thrilled that we have a show that the company and Adi are extremely proud of.”


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