The groom got angry for not reciting the mantra quickly during the wedding, he beat the Pandit fiercely in the mandap itself, created a ruckus – Bollywood Keeda

Lucknow. A strange case has come to light from the capital Lucknow. When the groom did not recite the mantra quickly during the wedding, he got enraged and beat the Pandit severely in the mandap itself. After this there was a huge uproar.

According to the information, Sonu Jatav’s wedding was held on Tuesday night at the Classic Restaurant located in Rampur Garhi. Sonu Jatav works as a constable in Nigohan Kotwali. At the time of marriage, the groom put pressure on the Pandit to get the marriage done by reciting mantras quickly. When the Pandit was not ready for this, the groom beat the Pandit right there. Now Purahit has lodged his complaint in Nigohan police station.

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According to media reports, Sonu Jatav, a resident of Meerut, was going to get married to the daughter of Omprakash, a resident of Rampur Garh, Nigohan. The constable posted at Nigohan police station had asked for leave from SO Anuj saying that he was getting married in Ghaziabad. After this, at around 1.30 in the night, Sonu reached there in a wedding procession with only his close people.

The marriage started and Pandit Vivek Shukla started reciting mantras. The priest was conducting the marriage according to the classical method. Sonu got angry due to this. They put pressure on the priest to get the marriage done quickly. The Pandit tried to convince the groom, but he did not agree and the priest beat him.

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