The Future of Digital Marketing and AI – A Team Destined to Thrive

Technology and the development graph it is creating along the way is changing the way we communicate and that shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when we have welcomed the inevitable intrusion of the online world in our lives so willingly. People in India have the tendency to associate things that take control out of their hands as negative and a creative force to the worst possible scenarios – AI has thus taken this long to be seen as something revolutionary and a better way to interact. Better late than never.

What AI brings to the table for Digital Marketing in India? 

Imagine your customers needing your attention or want to know about a certain discount before coming in the next weekend? You cannot be available all the time, that’s humanly impossible. But what’s impossible for us, humans, is just like answering a simple phone call for the AI. With AI bots, you can send personalized emails and answer the queries of the customer in real-time. You do not have

The rise of AI’s involvement in digital campaigns and their implementation has enhanced the experience of the customers and is showing no signs of stopping. This team has also made it easier to predict the behavior of the customer, providing them with more relevant and tailored content online and most importantly, analyzing the collected data and addressing their needs. This, in every sense of the word, is the future of digital marketing.,

  1. Two-Way Communication [AI and Consumers]

As accessible as online market is, interaction is still one way. You place something in design and consumers put their unique digital print on it [likes, comments, views, etc.]. The whole of social media is, in a broader sense, just one-way communication but with AI coming in the picture, digital marketers can evolve with the rapidly improving technology.

The channel of marketing and the timing are decisive in taking advantage of the interactive platforms and nothing helps better than AI. You can choose personalized messages for individuals at just the most opportune time and get instant feedback.

  1. Content Creation

This may sound a bit blown out of proportion but in reality, this one deserves all the hype it gets. Content creation is an important part of digital marketing, especially when traffic on websites and carrying a message out in the market are concerned. AI has evolved in such a way that it can create content based on the provided data and scaling of the campaign. When large, bulky content structures are still not possible, AI can easily create regular content and allow the companies to divide the lineup elsewhere, on more pressing details.

  1. Personalization of Programmatic Ads on Social Media

Algorithms and machine’s ability to tailor the variables are different from what AI will bring to the table in the future. Currently, the ad buying process and the segregation of ads depend on what the customer is showing interest in, the location, age-group, etc. But with AI, the ad buying process becomes that much more personalized, for the lack of a better word. Now, a digital marketer will be able to avoid user who has never clicked or showed interest in the ad even if he/she falls in the previously selected customer group. Each campaign and ad will be personalized and will only reach an audience that is relevant and not the other way around.

Programmatic Tools being used in digital marketing:

Rubicon Project





The future is now and it is our turn to embrace it; the involvement of AI in digital marketing as we know it. Harness the true potential of AI and we can improve our lives in more ways than we know.

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