The Digital Marketing Trends You Just Cannot Afford to Miss Out On

Digital Marketing is no longer a thing of the future. In fact, it has taken the industry by a chokehold and has altered its way of working for good. When some people argue that print marketing is still king, you cannot deny the fact that marketing digitally outweighs the benefits of offline marketing, especially with the offline marketing giants also expanding online.

According to report on digital channels, social media and mobile marketing topped the charts last year. But with the Internet and online marketing techniques subject to constant change, one can only wonder what the next year will bring and how you can be ready to take advantage of more potent digital marketing techniques, year after year.

Here is a list of some emerging Digital Marketing Trends that will help you strategize your campaign better.

  1. Dynamic/Tailored Content

Today’s marketing and media landscape are reaching such a wide audience and user base because of the availability of personalized content. Not so long ago, there was a time when everyone knew everything about a selected few things everyone watched the same television shows, visited the same websites and read the same magazines.

But today, everything is tailored made for every unique user – even his social media feed. Potential customers are always waiting in the mix; if you are an online marketer, you should know how to give the customers exactly what they want.

The marketing trend of creating tailored content especially for a certain group of internet users is known for triggering heavy response. With more marketing strategies being built around dynamic content and more businesses adapting to this paradigm, the trend will surely boost the conversion rates this year.

  1. Viral Content

Everyone sees this as a means to create a buzz over the internet for a short period of time – and in most cases, the virality of the content is short lived too. But to fully capitalize on the potential of viral content, you have to build a campaign that kickstarts with viral content – not a strategy that creates viral content.

Google decides your digital status based on your ranking on its search engine. So, the more likes, comments, shares, and engagement you have on your content, the better your ranking will be. It is actually an easy way to finalize your website’s organic SEO.

  1. Video Marketing/Visual Marketing

Visual content started creating a buzz on social media in the middle of last year. With the preference being given to readable content at that time, it was believed that visual content will not be able to stand the test of time. But 2017 saw an increase in visual content – everything on social media and websites was changed from the usual bland content to catchy photos, visual graphics and presentations, and digital guides. Online marketers felt the potential and termed it as the new and improved way of generating leads, even the stats backed that up:

  • 73% B2B marketers claimed to get positive ROI after bringing in visual content into their marketing plans and strategies.
  • Around 60% social media users said that they would like to invest time watching a short video than reading a post/blog for that same information.
  • There was an 80% percent increase in conversion rates for websites that had some sort of video content on their landing page.

Bring in new users through visual content and hold on to them through informative and to-the-point content.

Digital marketing is a fickle business and if you are not updated with the latest marketing trends then you will surely be at a disadvantage. It is imperative that you know how the trends are changing and predict when the trends that are working just fine right now might change.

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