‘The Crosby-Schøyen Codex’, one of the oldest books in the world, is going to be auctioned, you will be shocked to hear the price – Bollywood Keeda

The Crosby-Schoyen Codex: A book called The Crosby-Schøyen Codex is counted among the oldest books of Christianity. The world’s oldest book will be auctioned in London. It is believed that this book was written by someone sitting in a Christian monastery around 250 to 350 AD.

Where is the auction?

The Crosby-Schoen Codex is being sold by Christie’s auction house based in London. According to the auction house, the sale of this book can be between $ 26 lakh to $ 38 lakh. This means that this book can be sold for around Rs 21 crore to Rs 32 crore. Christie’s senior expert Eugenio Donadoni says, “This book is the earliest known text of the two books of the Bible.”

This rare book was completed in 40 years

According to Fox News report, Eugenio also said that the book took 40 years to complete and contains 52 pages, which are protected with Plexiglas (a strong plastic that keeps the pages safe). He also said that the entire credit for the preservation of the book goes to the dry climate of Egypt. Eugenio said that only a few books from the third and fourth centuries, like the Crosby-Schoen Codex, survive.

The book was found in the 1950s

The Crosby-Schoen Codex was discovered in Egypt in the 1950s and was acquired by the University of Mississippi, where it was preserved until 1981. Subsequently, in 1988, the book was discovered by Norwegian manuscript collector Dr. Martin Schoen. Bought it and now it is being auctioned along with some other items from his collection. The book will be auctioned on June 11.

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