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The appearance of four railway stations of Delhi will change – Bollywood Keeda

Keeping in mind the convenience of passengers, redevelopment work of many railway stations in the capital Delhi is being done. The appearance of four of these railway stations is going to change in the year 2024. Along with this, the iron bridge which was hanging for 20 years will also be ready, which can save the time of the passengers.

State-of-the-art facilities will be available

Sabzi Mandi railway station of North Delhi is located in a crowded place. It is being redeveloped under Amrit Bharat Scheme. It will be ready by March. The platforms and sheds of the station are being prepared according to the passengers. A 15 meter wide FOB is also being made.

Safdarjung station is getting ready for foreign tourists

Safdarjung station, the most important station of South Delhi, is being given a grand look. This station will be given an airport-like look and airport-like facilities will be provided here. This is the only railway station in Delhi from where special trains run for a large number of foreign tourists and pilgrims. This station is likely to be ready by July 2024. Food court, waiting lounge, parking, children’s play area, stalls for selling local products etc. are being built here. Efforts will also be made to connect this station with bus and metro services. There will be special arrangements here for the disabled.

speed of trains will increase

The iron bridge being built on Yamuna for the last 20 years will be ready in the year 2024. More than 90 percent of its work has been completed. Currently, trains pass through the 167 year old iron bridge. Trains can run at very slow speed on this. Trains will pass at high speed on the new bridge. This will save a lot of time.

Six new platforms will be built on Bijwasan

Bijwasan station of South West Delhi is located near Delhi Airport. It is being prepared with world class facilities like airport. There will be food court, parking, waiting lounge and children’s play facilities here. Earlier there were only two platforms, but now their number is being increased to eight. Four subways are also being built here.

Narela station is also being brightened

Narela area of ​​outer Delhi is going to be very important in future, university, stadium, jail, society of DDA flats are going to be built here. Keeping in mind the convenience of railway passengers, this station is being redeveloped under Amrit Bharat Scheme. Gatishakti Department will complete the redevelopment work of this station by March.

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