Super Seeder converts suffocating smoke into fertile manure, this machine does 4-5 tasks simultaneously – Bollywood Keeda

Burning the stubble left in the fields after harvesting paddy becomes a problem. To get rid of this problem and also to reduce the cost of farming, scientists have created a ‘Super Seeder’ machine by combining three machines. In this, a rotary tiller and seed plant has been combined with press wheels. It is used for sowing seeds like wheat, paddy and gram. Besides, this machine is also used to remove stubble from many crops like sugarcane, cotton, maize, banana etc.

Super seeder alone can do the work of 4-5 machines simultaneously. When the paddy is harvested, a mulcher is used to sow the next crop and then further work is done by a soil turning plough. After this, laser land leveler and rotavator are used to prepare the field properly, but super seeder machines do the work of all these machines alone and sow the crops.

What is Super Seeder Machine?

Super Seeder Machine is a multi tasking machine. This machine does the work of sowing, ploughing, mulching and spreading manure simultaneously. In simple words, farming work becomes very easy with the use of this machine. Apart from this, Super Seeder reduces the time taken to prepare the field and reduces the cost. This saves both time and money of the farmers. Not only this, Super Seeder destroys the stubble without burning it. Scientists say that stubble management can be done easily with the use of super seeder.

Super Seeder Price and Subsidy

The price of Super Seeder is around Rs 3 lakh. Different state governments give 40 to 80 percent subsidy to farmers on the purchase of super seeder machines. This machine destroys the stubble spread over one acre of land in one hour. After this wheat is sown. Super Cedar Price ranges from Rs 80,000 to Rs 2.99 lakh*.

How does a super seeder machine work?

Farmers have to plow after one crop to sow the next crop. After ploughing, the field is ready for sowing. At the same time, with Super Seeder, sowing can be done directly on the standing or lying stubble after harvesting the paddy crop. This machine cuts the stubble into pieces and buries it under the soil and on top of it also sows seeds for sowing wheat or mustard. The stubble buried in the soil melts and turns into manure. Due to this, the fertility of the land increases and the yield also increases. This also increases the water absorbing power of the soil.

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