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Spring Season Diet: There is a change in eating habits in the spring season, know here what should be our diet and what should be avoided – Bollywood Keeda

Spring Season Diet: People often fall ill in the spring season. This is a season when cold goes away and summer season comes. Due to this change, problems like cough, cold, weak digestion etc. start occurring. If you are also troubled by cough, cold and cough, then you can avoid these problems by keeping some things of Ayurveda in mind.

According to Ayurveda, Kapha dosha starts increasing during this time, due to which the fire element starts decreasing in this season. In this season, you should include those things in your diet so that the risk of cough and phlegm does not bother you.

Let us know what you are doing this spring (Spring Season DietWhat things can you include in your diet during this season?

1- You should eat light food instead of heavy food in spring. Which is easily digested. You can eat upma, idli, poha for breakfast, while have moong dal, khichdi, porridge for lunch. Eat something light at night.
2- To keep your immunity strong in the spring season, consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. Orange, grapes, apple, pomegranate, guava are the fruits available in this season, so eat one to two fruits a day. If you eat fruits in the morning, you will get more benefits.

3- Include ginger in your diet in spring season. Its nature is hot and dry. This also helps in maintaining Kapha balance in the body. Therefore, it is best to drink ginger tea in such weather.
4- One should not eat too much fried and roasted things in any season, but in the spring season, take more care of these things and also ignore sour things. They take a lot of time to digest, which can cause problems like acidity and constipation.
5- Use honey to get rid of obesity, cold, cough and sore throat in any season. In this season, there is a higher risk of catching cold. Therefore, use honey for at least 2-3 days in the spring season.
6- You may feel lethargic in this season, but do not sleep during the day. People suffer more from allergy problems during the spring season. In such a situation, try to avoid coming in contact with direct air. Along with this, one should also avoid eating more food than usual.
7- In the spring season, you should avoid eating heavy food items like urad dal, rabri, cream and dates. Along with this, stop drinking cold drinks and water from the fridge. Consuming juicy fruits, buttermilk, curd etc. after sunset.


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