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Smartphone running slow: If the old smartphone has become slow, then

Smartphone running slow: After some time, the speed of most Android phones slows down. In such situations, many times we feel the need to buy a new phone. But through the tricks we are going to tell you, you will save thousands of rupees. That means there is no need to buy a new phone, your old phone will work as fast as a new one. Actually, for this you just have to change some settings of your phone. Let us know about these 4 methods.

keep updating your phone

Keep updating the phone from time to time. For this, go to your phone’s settings and find the system update option. By clicking on it you will know whether there is any update for your phone or not. If yes, then update the phone immediately.

increase internet speed

Many times, users face the problem of slow internet while using mobile and due to slow speed, all their work which should be done in a jiffy gets stuck. If you are worried about slow internet speed on your phone, then today we are giving you some tips which can solve your problem.

reset network settings

You can reset your phone’s network settings. With this you can get better mobile speed. Go to the Settings of the smartphone. Now search for and tap on Network Operators option here. Here you will see the option of Choose Automatically, turn it off.

Clean the data like this

Along with unnecessary apps, it is important that you also clean the data of the phone. Many phones also become slow due to the storage being full. Therefore, delete such big files, videos or pictures from the phone which are not of any use to you. Apart from this, you can also do this work by downloading any Cleaner app from Play Store.

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