Rohit got scared… Hitman got badly scared of the fan in the middle of the field, then what the fan did, you will be stunned after watching the video – Bollywood Keeda

IPL 2024: The 14th match of IPL was played between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at Wankhede ground. In this match, Mumbai Indians had to face their third consecutive defeat. During the match, an incident happened which scared Rohit badly. This video of Rohit is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Let us tell you that during the fielding of Mumbai Indians, a fan broke the security cordon and reached the field. When the fan ran towards Rohit, Rohit got scared after seeing him. After which the fan hugged Rohit Sharma. After that Rohit regained his senses.

Actually, Rohit Sharma was fielding in sleep and his focus was completely on the match. Then suddenly a fan came running from behind Rohit. When the hitman turned back, he was horrified to see the fan. Rohit took his steps backwards, but on the fan’s insistence he agreed to hug her. Fear was clearly visible on Rohit’s face while hugging the fan. After Rohit, the fan also shook hands with Ishaan Kishan and hugged him.

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