Recent Updates on all 4 Major Social Media Platforms

Top Social Media updates and changes you just cannot afford to miss out on. With the New Year approaching head-on, it is important to be in touch with everything latest on the Internet. Catching up with the new updates not only keep you at your sharpest but will also help you maximize the outcomes of your digital efforts – at the end of the day, that is all that matters, isn’t it?

So, let’s dive right in.

Facebook Latest Updates:

Ad Transparency

Marketing on Facebook will now require the advertisers to be on their A-game constantly. Average digital marketing professionals will need to improve their skills with the new Advertising Transparency and Authenticity changes that Facebook has made at the end of the year.

Facebook pages will now have a designated new tab for ads which will show every single ad that the page is running at a given time. The filter of targeted audience will not work on the tab – this will improve the transparency of the ads; the lack of which raised some complaints in the final quarter.

Verified Domain on Facebook

Another update on Facebook will allow business managers to verify their domains on the website.

Ownership of unique content will now be as easy as a click of a link. This works perfectly with the transparent ad update. Businesses will get improved security and minimal chances of content getting stolen or misinterpreted online.

Twitter Latest Updates:

Twitter is now safer, lighter and safer to use with the latest updates.

New links on Twitter will not require a separate browser to open. Twitter App will open the links in browsers you are signed-in with – the compatibility issues with ‘Lite’ version of the browsers have been rectified with the December edition.

Tweets will now update instantly and the count of replies, likes and retweets will be seamlessly integrated in the app and online.

In September, Twitter announced 280 characters in place of the previously available 140. It was an experiment which is now updated to every user. The tweets are also encoded with JSON for a more secure tweeting experience for the users.

The new Card Player for both audio and video. The creative canvas was in the beta phase when it was first launched a couple of months ago [only to a handful of users] but the developers have now integrated the features completely.

YouTube Latest Updates:

With the year almost over, YouTube has rolled out the best and most hard-hitting updates. The feel and look have been refreshed, for both desktop and mobile versions.

New Logo.

Dark Theme for Desktop.

More room for the thumbnails.

Vertical videos will be played without any navigation bars. [Although, this update will be rolled out universally at the end of the year]

LinkedIn Updates:

When all your competitors are going for a cleaner, lighter look, why would you hold back? It doesn’t make sense. LinkedIn, like YouTube and Twitter, also went for a sleeker look for enabling the job seekers to explore the website better.

The New Profile Design – it not only gives an attractive look to the app and website but also makes navigation hassle-free, even for users who have just signed up. Users can now also add banner photos or as Facebook users call it, cover photos.

New way to connect recruiters with job seekers

To give a sense of control to the recruiters, LinkedIn has created an ‘Update Profile Preferences’. Now users can simply update their profile and fill in their preferences for the type of job they are looking for.

All you have to do is go to the Jobs Page and look for Preferences or Update Preferences [Purple, top of the page].

Messaging Feature Update

LinkedIn is a site not regularly visited by users and because of this reason; some profiles get the tag of ‘ghosts’. You do not reply to messages and do not put in the time to build your network; something the website is all about.

To walk around this, LinkedIn has updated the New Messaging Feature. Now you can easily respond to the messages and make it easier for the recruiters to know whether or not you are interested.

There are various templates also which you can use; similar to the ones you get on the Gmail app.

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