Present Scenario of Jobs in Digital Marketing

Once seen as a temporary fix to the marketing problems online, digital marketing has changed the landscape of global market in less than half a decade.

Today, to keep the disruptive image of brands in check, digital marketers are called upon and the profession has become one of the most sought after in the sub-continent, especially in India which is among the highest Internet using nations in the world.

As accessible and straightforward as Digital Marketing is, there’s still a lot that people do not know about; the algorithms, mathematics that go into every little marketing decision that we make and how adverse effects that can have on the whole campaign, the image of the brand even.

These minute details and avoiding the mistakes that can unhinge the whole project are the reasons why companies and brands invest so heavily in Digital Marketing professionals who, more than anything, know what they are doing.

Every company, brand, and business needs a digital presence. The demand for their online structure is increasing every year, with every topic going trending over the Internet. This is where a digital marketer comes in.

With the necessary and thorough knowledge of your field, you can become a driving force of any digital marketing campaign, regardless of its size and complexity. And you do not need to be an expert in every facet of the vast subject.

The current scenario for anyone looking for a career in digital marketing is very positive – high paying jobs with a chance to work with the best in business and becoming a part of their digital story.

At the recent count, more than 8 Lakh jobs for various digital marketing profiles were available in India [Oct 2017] with an average salary cap of 20K to 90K.

For only Content Marketing, as many as 1.3 Lakh jobs with 90K salary were published on job portals like Naukri, Monster and Times Jobs. The future is bright for the digital marketing profession you just have to have the necessary skills and that knack to think outside the box.

With another year coming to an end and content marketing taking the driving seat, these Digital Marketing Jobs and Skills have gained a substantial lead over others.

SEO Specialist

Strategic Digital Marketing Planner

Online Content Development Team

Online Marketing Management


Mobile Marketer

Brand Management [Online]

The latest in the list is:

Web Analysts / Big Data Expert

The customer data and role of big data in marketing has given birth to many high paying jobs in India; web analyst is one of them.

Companies have endless data collected over decades, at least since the Internet was invented. The Internet of Things has emphasized on that collected data and using it to eliminate the hit-and-try methodology. With the help of that data, marketers can create strategies better and change the structure of the ones that didn’t work previously.

A big data expert helps make sense of all that data. In a highly competitive market, getting an edge with deciphered big data means you are always 10 steps ahead of the nearest rival. This is why companies are spending small fortunes on digital marketing specialists that thrive on Big Data.

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