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Pollution in Delhi-NCR at critical threshold – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi , The smog blanket over Delhi-NCR has become thicker. Due to light clouds, the dispersion of pollutant particles has slowed down further. Due to this, the air quality index of the capital has remained just four points below the severe category.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi’s average air quality index (AQI) stood at 397 on Tuesday. This level of air is classified as very poor, but it is just four points below the severe category. On Monday this index was at the level of 358. In this way, it has increased by 39 points within 24 hours. The air in many areas of Delhi has reached severe category.

Three times more pollution than normal: At present there is more than three times more pollution than normal in NCR. According to CPCB, at 4 pm on Tuesday evening, the level of pollutant PM 10 in the air was 333 micrograms per cubic meter and the level of PM 2.5 was 218 micrograms per cubic meter. It is considered healthy only when the level of PM 10 in the air is less than 100 and the level of PM 2.5 is less than 60. According to this, there is more than three times the pollution present in the air of Delhi-NCR than the standards.

Visibility level reduced: Visibility level in Delhi has also been affected due to smog. According to the Meteorological Department, the visibility level at Safdarjung and Palam weather centers was reduced to 500 meters in the morning. Normally it should be up to two thousand meters.

Dispersion of pollutant particles is very slow. According to the Meteorological Department, at present there are light clouds in the upper surface of the atmosphere, while there is smog at the lower level. The air remains poisonous due to slow dispersion of pollutant particles.

No hope of relief right now

There are little chances of getting relief in the capital for the next three days. According to the air quality early warning system prepared by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, the wind speed will generally be less than eight kilometers for the next three days. The air is very calm especially in the morning. Due to this, the pollutant particles are not being dispersed.

Gurugram is the most polluted among the cities of NCR.

The air quality in NCR cities also remained very poor on Tuesday. The air quality level in Faridabad was recorded at 384 while in Gurugram it was recorded at 386. At the same time, AQI in Noida was recorded at 364 points while in Greater Noida it was recorded at 348. In Ghaziabad it was 356 points.

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