Police hooliganism: Drunken policeman beat up BJP worker, TI said – …then I will shoot him, matter reached Home Minister – Bollywood Keeda

Amit Pandey, Khairagarh. If those who are responsible for maintaining law and order step back from their responsibility then it is justifiable to create an uproar. The police is always known for the safety of the public, but if the same police talks about shooting the public then it is justifiable for the public to get angry. The whole matter is of Musra village of Dongargarh. A complaint regarding this matter has been lodged with Home Minister Vijay Sharma. The minister has assured action.

A three-day Lok Madai program was organized in Musra village under the leadership of Dongargaon MLA Daleshwar Sahu. On the occasion of the conclusion of the program last night, BJP worker Jitendra Verma, resident of Kanhardbari, had come with his family to see the Lok Madai, but he had an argument with the policeman at the gate itself. Jitendra tells that the drunk policeman did not listen to him and beat him severely.

When the committee members came to know about the matter, they complained to Dongargarh TI Bharat Bareth, but Bareth instead of calming the matter, instead added more fuel to the fire. TI Bharat Bareth said during the dispute that if anyone catches my collar, I will shoot him. People became angry after hearing about the shooting and started raising slogans against the police administration. Some video of this case went viral on social media, after which people started demanding medical examination of the police personnel.

TI apologized, Home Minister assured action

Seeing the situation worsening, TI Bharat Bareth apologized, but the committee has complained about the entire matter to Home Minister Vijay Sharma regarding the beating of the BJP worker. The minister has also assured action. Let us tell you that recently the issue of illegal liquor sale in the religious city Dongargarh was echoed in the Assembly also. MLA Harshita Baghel had also accused the policeman of performing duty while drunk. In such a situation, again a case of policemen performing duty under the influence of alcohol has come to light, on which many question marks are being raised on Dongargarh Police.

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