PM Modi trumpets party’s plans, will tell achievements of 10 years – Bollywood Keeda

Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi trumpeted BJP’s plans for the Lok Sabha elections on the second and last day of the BJP’s two-day national convention.

He called upon the BJP workers to take the work of the BJP government for the last 5 years and the plans for the next 5 years among the public. The Prime Minister has said goodbye. During this time, the Bhudina Kahar Decisive Worker has to reach out to all the beneficiaries of central schemes, first time young voters as well as every voter in his locality.

Economy will bring prosperity

The Prime Minister also tried to awaken the dream of economic progress among the common people with the help of developed India. He said that if BJP government is formed for the third time, we will work to make India’s economy the second largest economy in the world. This will also bring happiness in people’s lives. The PM also tried to put forward the third biggest issue and election plan of the BJP in the general elections.

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