PM Modi is going to give a big gift of 3 railway stations to Delhi NCR – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi , Good days are about to come for hundreds of railway stations in the country. The Central Government will rejuvenate 550 railway stations under Amrit Bharat Station. On February 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for the redevelopment of these stations.

New Town Railway Station, Ballabgarh and Palwal Railway Station of Faridabad city are going to be rejuvenated. Apart from this, work on construction of railway overbridge at Janauli railway gate will also begin.

New Town Railway Station is situated in the center of the city. Only EMU trains stop at this railway station. This station has a high number of employees working in industrial areas and passengers going to Sadar Bazaar and various markets of Delhi. There is a huge lack of public facilities for the passengers here.

How will ‘Amrit Bharat’ stations be?

1 – The main entrance of the station will be made beautiful. Along with this, the station building, entry and exit will be upgraded.

2 – Greenery will be increased in the area between the tracks in the station.

3 – Platform surfacing will be improved, so that people waiting for trains do not face any problem.

4 – Attention will be given to better toilet blocks and drainage systems.

5 – Improvement in passenger facilities i.e. including proper booking offices. Signage, drinking water facilities, better seating arrangements will be made.

6 – Roof plaza will be installed at the stations under Amrit Bharat station. In this, a food court, a small space for small children to play and a place to sell local products will be provided.

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