PM asked for 5 year roadmap, Minister will send 100 days action plan – Bollywood Keeda

Delhi, PM Narendra Modi has asked for an action plan for the next 5 years from the ministers in the cabinet meeting. PM has asked for idea, action plan and roadmap. Apart from this, a 100 day plan has also been sought from the ministers. The dates of Lok Sabha elections are to be announced next month.

Even before that the PM has come into action. In the meeting, Modi said that do not think too much about who will become a minister or not and everyone should give their roadmap. It is noteworthy that before going to the elections, the ruling BJP is following the strategy of getting 20 on the opposition in every matter. The PM is very cautious about implementing the schemes. He often says in his speeches that if I have laid the foundation stone of any work, I will also inaugurate it. All the ministers will send their action plan to the Cabinet Secretariat, the PM has given clear instructions to all the ministers in the meeting to send their plan as soon as possible.

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