Petition to remove Kejriwal from the post of CM rejected by Delhi HC – Bollywood Keeda

The Delhi High Court has rejected a public interest litigation (PIL) filed demanding the removal of Arvind Kejriwal from the post of Chief Minister. The court has said that it is within the jurisdiction of the President and the LG to take steps in this regard. In such a situation, we cannot give such order. However, the court made an important comment and said, “Sometimes national interest is greater than personal interest, but this decision is his (Kejriwal).”

The bench of Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora rejected the PIL filed by the Hindu Sena chief. Gupta had demanded Kejriwal’s removal from the post citing his arrest in the money laundering case. The court refused to consider the PIL and said that it would be Kejriwal’s personal decision whether he should continue or not. Leaving the decision to Kejriwal, the court said, ‘Sometimes, personal interest has to be subordinated to the national interest.’

The court said that it cannot take a decision on this issue, it has to be done by the LG of Delhi or the President of India. The court said, ‘How can we declare that the government is not running? LG is fully capable of taking this decision. They don’t need our guidance. We cannot advise them. They will do whatever they have to do as per the law. The court also said that the solution to the petition lies with the LG or the President. The court said that the petitioners can pray to him. After this Gupta withdrew his petition.

Another petition to remove Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal from the post was rejected by the High Court. Even then the court had said that this decision has to be taken by LG. Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested in a money laundering case related to the alleged liquor scam. Currently Arvind Kejriwal is lodged in Tihar Jail. On April 1, the court sent him to judicial custody for 14 days. BJP is continuously demanding the resignation of Kejriwal. Aam Aadmi Party says that Kejriwal will remain on the post of Chief Minister and will run the government from jail.

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