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Nowadays everyone prefers to buy goods online. Its advantage is that people get the goods sitting at home and also they get the goods at lower rates than the market. Sometimes such discounts come online that people rush to buy that thing. However, in the pursuit of discounts, people sometimes end up incurring losses. Something similar happened with a woman from Bengaluru. He lost so much of his money due to discount that you will be surprised to know the matter.

The offer was in the name of a well-known company

Actually, the woman had to buy eggs. An offer came on his email. The offer came in the name of a well-known company, so the woman had no doubts. He felt that the company was really giving him a bumper discount. This 38-year-old woman was getting four dozen eggs for just Rs 49, so she thought of taking advantage of this offer. The woman claimed that after clicking on the ad, she went straight to the shopping link, where she was asked for her credit card details to buy eggs, as there was no other payment option.

An OTP came on the mobile

Then the woman gave her name, phone number and all her personal information including credit card details. Then OTP came on his mobile number and he immediately shared the OTP. Then what, Rs 48,199 were deducted from his account in one stroke. Only then did he come to know that he had been defrauded.

There were Rs 3.7 lakh in the account

After this, he called his bank credit card department and informed about the fraud that happened to him and also called the cyber crime helpline and informed about the matter and lodged a complaint. It was fortunate that the woman lost only Rs 48 thousand. He could have lost more money because his credit card limit was Rs 3.7 lakh. At present the police is investigating this matter.

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