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New Year 2024: New Year is coming after two days, make these promises to yourself and bring positive changes in life… – Bollywood Keeda

New Year stands at the door with the knock of hope. Everyone wishes that this year gives wings to their hopes and flight to their dreams. It should be such that life changes and you get success after success. Everything is in your control, you just need to promise yourself something. A promise that will make your life better, a promise that will fulfill your dreams and a promise that will improve your physical and mental health. Today we will tell you about some such New Year resolutions, which you can fulfill in the coming year and make your life better. Let us know what promises you have to make to yourself in this coming year.

Yoga-meditation will remove tension

Make a resolution to start every day with yoga and meditation. By doing yoga and meditation early in the morning, you will remain full of energy throughout the day and will also remain mentally happy. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

don’t be glued to the phone

The resolution of keeping some distance from your smartphone can be very beneficial for you. After completing all your important work, move the phone away and bring the books a little closer. Keeping the phone close to you for too long can cause mental fatigue and many diseases.

call it junk food

In this New Year, you must make a promise to yourself that first of all you will completely say no to unhealthy things like junk food, soft drinks and include vegetables, milk, fruits in your diet and eat only home-made nutritious food.

spend a few moments with your loved ones

In our busy lives, we often give less time to the people associated with our lives. Therefore, try to give time to your family members and friends in the new year. Not only will they be happy with this, you will also feel a different feeling of happiness.

will give time to myself

Take out some time for yourself every day. Think about yourself during this time. How to improve yourself, how to create a better environment around you. You will start feeling a lot of difference in this process within a few days. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

Responsibility towards environment also

We also have some responsibility for the world around us i.e. the environment. Make beds around your house, try to reduce the use of AC. Use public transport instead of personal vehicle one or two days a week.

Make a diary, write down everything good and bad

Make a list of your daily tasks. For this, maintain a diary so that you are aware of what you did good and what bad and try to improve your future activities.

make friends, maintain friendship

True friends always stand with us in our happiness and sorrow. Before making friends, become a good friend yourself. Stand with your friend at all times. Tell him about right and wrong and move forward together.


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