Neha Singh Rathore New Song: Saheb Chanda Chor Baade Ho..! Neha Singh Rathore’s new song goes viral – Bollywood Keeda

A new song has come from the famous folk singer of UP-Bihar Neha Singh Rathore. Which is becoming quite viral on social media. In this song, Neha Singh Rathore has taken a dig at the Modi government regarding electoral bonds. Referring to electoral bonds, he said, “Saheb Chanda Chor Bade Ho…!”

Saheb Chanda Chor

Neha Singh Rathore posted this song on social media In the song he has said, “Ho bhejke ED, CBI karat barjor baade ho, Saheb Chanda chor baade ho.” A few illiterate and a few illiterate people are some of you, you are a thief in every donation.”

‘Deswa Mein Ka Ba’

Let us tell you that she came into discussion regarding ‘Ka Ba in UP’, ‘Ka Ba in Bihar’ and ‘Ka Ba in MP’. Meanwhile, Saheb has once again targeted BJP by singing Chanda Chor Baade Ho. Earlier on Wednesday, Neha Singh Rathore had sung ‘Deswa Mein Ka Ba’. In which he also mentioned electoral bond scam etc. Along with her song, Neha has also told that this is the first part of ‘Deswa Mein Ka Ba’.

Target on BJP and PM Modi

Amidst the discussion about Lok Sabha elections, Neha is continuously targeting BJP. Neha has shared her new video, in which she is getting ready in front of the mirror and singing ‘Saheb Chanda Chor Baade’. This is her new song, through which she is targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government.

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