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Nailpaint Tips: If you also want your nailpaint to last for a long time, then follow these tips – Bollywood Keeda

Nailpaint Tips: Beautiful nail paint applied on nails attracts everyone, beautiful nail paint applied on nails in every age enhances the beauty of your hands, be it teenage girls, office going or house wives, everyone likes to paint their nails differently. -I like decorating with net paints of different colors. But many times their hobby gets hampered due to the nail polish not lasting long on their hands.

Many times we buy the best nail paint and apply it, but within a few hours it becomes discolored or starts falling, in such a situation today we have brought for you 5 such tips which you can follow to improve your nail paint. Nail paint applied on hands can be made long lasting.

Clear Nails (Nailpaint Tips)

Before applying nail paint, make sure that your nails are completely clean and if there is even a little bit of nail polish left on your nails, clean them with nail polish remover.

Apply Base Coat (Nailpaint Tips)

A very effective way to make the nail paint long lasting is to apply a base coat before applying the nail paint. While buying the nail paint, you will get the base coat easily. With the base coat, the nail paint will last longer on your nails.

Apply hand cream (Nailpaint Tips)

If you want the nail polish to last on your nails for a long time, then it is important that you keep your hands moisturized, use hand cream from time to time, so that your hands do not become completely dry.

Double Coating (Nailpaint Tips)

Whenever you apply or get nail paint applied on your hands, do double coating, but keep in mind that apply the second coat only after the first coat dries. By applying double coat, the nail paint will last longer on your nails.

Dry thoroughly (Nailpaint Tips)

Whenever you apply nail paint, make sure that it dries thoroughly. It takes at least 45 minutes for nail polish to dry on the nails. Once the Netpaint Proper dries, dip the nails in cold water and then apply any hand cream.


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